I'm excited to share an interview with Anna from the Esty shop Woodland Sketches. Anna is a talented artist, musician, gardener, and Anna is a good friend of mine. We share countless childhood from as far back as I can remember. She creates cards that include her charming animal sketches which she pairs with witty greetings.


1. When did your interest in creating sketches start?

I've always had a knack for sketching little critters growing up, but I would say that I discovered my interest and ability to sketch in college on a tired night when I decided to just let myself draw what came to mind. I soon saw two squirrels form on my page, and it was apparent that they were working together to play the violin. It was happy little images like this that kept creeping back to my mind, and eventually I couldn't hold them back. This gave way to my little greeting card business: Woodland Sketches.

2. What are your favorite parts of having a shop on Etsy?

I like the idea of Etsy the most because of the limitless ability I have to share my art with the world!

3. What makes your shop unique?

I would say my shop is unique because there aren't many artists that claim joyful critters carrying on human-like tasks. From cutting Christmas trees, to playing banjo, these little animals do it all. What a happy greeting to send to a friend!

4. What inspires your art work?

My art is inspired by my interest in the outdoors and music. I grew up with an observant eye on nature and it's wonderful animal inhabitants, and my imagination has taken them to human-like places.

Woodland Sketches is named after Edward MacDowell's piano suites, the "Woodland Sketches". These are pieces for solo piano that combine music and nature so beautifully. I strive to do the same with my greeting card line.

5. What advise would you give other artist who are interested in starting an Etsy shop?

Well, if there's any advice I could give, I guess it's to be encouraged! and to know that your work has the potential to go far, far places, and to reach more folks than you ever expected!

You can visit Anna's Etsy shop and her facebook page to see more of her artwork.

Thanks Anna for taking the time to share with us!